EPTS: Summer School 2024 - July 1st – 5th, 2024, Maribor (Slovenia)

Topic: "Barrier-free, accessible, inclusive cross-border public transport"

On behalf of the EPTS Foundation e.V. organize the University of Maribor, WU Vienna and Hilfsgemeinschaft (Austrian Association Supporting the Blind and Visually Impaired) in 2024 a summer school in Maribor, Slovenia for students of all academic levels (Bachelor; Master, Doctoral).

In the attachment to this announcement, you can find the first important information. Further details about the organization, certification and cost contribution shall follow at the beginning of October 2023.

On 3rd of November, the European Platform of Transport Sciences celebrated a double jubilee in Vienna. 22 years ago transport scientific associations from nine different European countries expressed their willingness to closely work together in developing a common understanding of transport, mobility and logistic sciences for the growing demands of the joint European world region. This memorandum of understanding, the "Vienna Protocol" was signed in June 2001 at Hafen Wien, exactly the same venue, where the actual meeting took place. The 2nd reason for celebration was the 5th anniversary of the founding of the EPTS Foundation e.V. in Erfurt 2018. Since then and after a long-lasting process of negotiating all details, the EPTS is a fully legal, non-profit entity, which has all rights to act as partner in all terms of transport scientific issues with all European and national stakeholders. Due to the absence of a European law for non-profit organisations this very important 2nd step was done according to German Law. Since 2018, the EPTS has its official seat in Frankfurt, one of the most central European mobility hubs at all.

During the festive evening program, Professor Laurent GUIHÉRY (Paris) held a most interesting keynote lecture about "Europe: Future needs origin!", which gave not only a splendid overview about the long history and development of the European Idea, but also raised some very important questions about its future. The dedicated audience, among them some of the most distinct personalities and veterans of EPTS history from all over Europe, discussed about the inspiring lecture vividly afterwards.

It was a perfect night, where EPTS history was commemorated with great gratitude, whereas its future tasks were clearly foreseen with confidence and humbleness. It was a meeting of good friends, and thus we can say, that friendship between the peoples of Europe seems to be the best way of keeping prosperity and well-being and of avoiding misunderstanding, anxiety and mistrust. The EPTS motto "Pro Science, Pro Variety, Pro Europe!" was the guiding principle of this unique night.

picture (EPTS):
1st row (right to left): Andras KATONA and wife (Budapest), Tomasz KWARCINSKI (Szczecin), Elzbieta ZALOGA (Szczecin), Peter FALLER
(Vienna), Sebastian BELZ (Frankfurt) 2nd row (right to left): Janos TOTH (Budapest), Heiner HAUTAU (Bremen), Stane BOZICNIK (Maribor), Matthias GATHER and wife (Erfurt), Laurent GUIHERY (Paris), Karl-Johann HARTIG (Vienna), Eva SCHMIDT (Frankfurt)


It is with great pleasure for the European Platform of Transport Sciences - EPTS Foundation e.V. to inform you about the inauguration of the 19th European Friedrich-List-Award 2024 for young transport scientists. The Award will be conferred during the 22nd European Transport Congress in Warsaw, Poland.

Application deadline: April 30th, 2024

For further information, please download the pdf-document