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RAIL LIVE 2022 Congress Edition

Digitisation, Sustainability & Liberalisation - The right track for a zero carbon future.

Rail Live brings together high-level industry leaders who are driving innovation, investment and digital transformation in the Global rail sector. From Infrastructure Managers to High-Speed Projects, Metro systems to Freight Carriers, Rail Live represents the full rail industry. There’s something for everyone at Rail Live, from 250+ Speakers, 100+ exhibitors, 100+ Start Ups and plenty of networking time to get to know our 2000 strong audience.

About, Agenda, Speakers: Rail Live 2022

After our great 19th European Transport Congress in Maribor and the very good publication of the conference proceedings, the session chairs had a very important task to do: selecting those papers to be offered a publication in a scientific journal.

The following four papers have been added to the PROMET Traffic&Tranpsortation journal.

Tadić, S., Krstić, M., Kovač, M., & Brnjac, N. (2022). Evaluation of Smart City Logistics Solutions. Promet, 34(5), 725–738.

He, Y., & Csiszár, C. (2022). Correlation Analysis Method of Customisation and Semi-Personalisation in Mobility as a Service. Promet, 34(5), 767–777.

Lauda, V., & Novotný, V. (2022). Role of Railway Transport in Green Deal 2050 Challenge – Situation in the Czech Republic. Promet, 34(5), 801–812.

Jesenko, D., Mongus, D., & Lešnik, U. (2022). The Influence of COVID-19 on Particulate Matter Concentrations in a Medium-Sized Town. Promet, 34(5), 813–823.

Congratulations to all authors!

Keep in mind that you can download all PROMET papers for free. And, of course, do not hesitate to send your papers to PROMET!

Assoc. Prof. Borna Abramović (Editorial and Scientific Board)

Wie gut sich die Eisenbahn schon heute für Business Trips zwischen Lissabon, Oslo und Sofia eignet, das weiß Sebastian BELZ von . Jedes Jahr legt er 100.000 Kilometer auf der Schiene zurück. Im Interview mit spricht er über seine besten Reise-Hacks, den aktuellen Hype um Nachtzüge und die Notwendigkeit eines "Europa-Takts":